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I saw on a reddit page of someone recommending this product for dry eyes, specifically for melting the oils in your meibomian glands and wow I've noticed a huge difference. The heating function warms the oils enough for the massage function to push the oils out and hydrate your eyes. The red light is so bright that I normally turn this feature off. It feels good on my skin while penetrating serum into the skin around my eyes. All in all I highly recommend for those with dry eyes!Definitely use some kind of oil or lotion safe to use around the eyes because it's hard to glide over your eyes without anything!
Great product! Bought these because I have very dry eyes. This is a very good product that has helped my eyes. In addition these r like total black-out blinds so I am sleeping much more sound. Also, the soft material they r made of is super soft and comfortable to sleep in. I always sleep on my side and was concerned they wd not be comfortable, but they r flat and soft on the sides and do not interfere with comfort. It will take a few nights to get used to having something on your face but stick with it, for me it took 2 nights to get used to I feel like I sleep even more sound and my eyes r less dry when I wake up. Normally w/o my eye mask, my eyes r so dry when I wake up I can barely open them. I don't have that anymore. One more thing, I thought I would wake up with goggle eyes, but u do not. Excellent product, very affordable, will probably last for years and I recommend them even if u don't have dry eyes! 👍🏼👍🏼
I wanted a mask so I could meditate in complete darkness. I’ve gotten a couple of masks in the past, but usually a little light streams in along the sides. I kind of expected that would happen with this one too but, at least for me, it blocked out all the light. Now I can meditate in total darkness, which is nice. Also, I have an issue with dry eyes and an eye doctor suggested I wear a heated mask to help with that. The heated part works well. There is a low and a high. I like it nice and warm, so I put it on high. It’s too early to tell whether or not it helps my dry eyes but wearing it feels comfortably warm. I can blink while wearing it too, so that’s a plus. It comes with an adjustable strap and is comfortable. Charging it is easy and it holds the charge quite well for the 20 to 30 minutes I use it. It can probably go longer but I charge it after each use, so I’m not really sure. Overall, I really like the mask. Five stars.

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